Ten tips for shiny hair

Maybe you did not know that even a healthy hair does not always have to be shiny. Whether your hair will be shiny or not is influenced by several factors.

Hair color and a hair type
According to the law of optics brunettes are in an advantage to blondes or redheads, because lighter pigment gives hair a dimmer impression. Different hair textures and hair styles also reflect light different ways. Consider yourself more lucky if you have straight or slightly wavy hair type, since these tend to be shinier than curly.

Is your hair clean?
Cleanliness is half of your health, says the old proverb, and in the case of a hair it is indeed true. Hair full of dirt, sebum or even product build-ups will contribute to a dull appearance.

Age matters to the beauty of your hair and not only to the actual age of yours but also of your hair. Very long hair is basically old and therefore already long time mechanically stressed. This is a reason why split ends appear. However, the overall age of the body is also unfortunately reflected in the appearance of hair. By aging hair gets finer, thinner and also loses a pigment (gray hair).

Only a healthy hair could be beautiful! Illnesses, medications, nutritional deficiencies, diet this all affects the overall condition and appearance of the hair.

Choose a right shampoo
Always choose a high quality shampoo according to your hair type. It is also recommendable to use products created for your hair type. Modern shampoos promising double effect or containing conditioner are very rarely really good. Use just simple shampoo to wash off all grease and product build-up.

Conditioning is not a luxury but a necessity
Washing of your hair and scalp is a compulsory thing nowadays, but less promoted rule is that after every washing it is necessary to treat your hair with a conditioner. This should not be underestimated especially if you are an owner of a hair with highlights, frequently dyed hair, very long or very curly hair. Be sure you choose products suitable for you, which will not weaken your hair.

Water is a necessity for a life
Lack of good quality water will soon affect the appearance of your skin and even the appearance of the hair. Try not to wash your hair with hot water the best is to use a lukewarm or even cold water, since it makes a hair cuticle smoother. Don´t forget to rinse off thoroughly all shampoo and conditioner leftovers. Think of a proper care also after swimming in a swimming pool or sea. Rinse your hair with running pure water immediately after stepping out of water.

You are what you eat
We don´t have to discuss here importance of a diet on the way your hair looks like. Your hair will obtain a perfect sheen from essential proteins, vegetable oils and important minerals with vitamins. Your diet should include fish, mussels, sour milk products, cheese, beans, rice, whole grain cereals, and especially lots of vegetables and fruits.

Although no one can guarantee you the beautiful and lustrous hair in a week, but certainly after 6 months it will definitely look much better.

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