Is Your Sensitive Skin Treated Differently

Have you ever wanted to try something out but can’t due to sensitive skin? Or have you applied something from your “don’t use” list and ended up with red patches on the affected area? That’s what happens when you have sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin is a layman’s term for fine-textured skin. It is a condition caused by genetics and worsened by the environment, food and chemicals in cosmetics. When one has sensitive skin, he or she becomes very familiar with redness, soreness, skin patches, dry acne, hives and so on. This is because the skin reacts too strongly when exposed to even the most natural elements.

So how do you deal with it? skin careDermatologists suggest that the best way to deal with it is to completely avoid the things that can trigger a reaction. But that would mean a life without seafood, detergents, cosmetics, and even the sun and wind. Would anybody want to live a life void of all things that normally make you happy?

People with the condition, who refuse to live in a made-believe bubble, opt to expose themselves to the things they are allergic to in gradual amounts. They believe that over time, their skin would get used to it. While this can be fruitful in the long run, it is considered an Indian pass – pain first before glory.

Personally, I believe that you can live the best of both worlds. By taking the right precautionary measures, you can enjoy the things that others do without risking your overall appeal. For instance, before buying any cosmetics or perfume, check the list to see if any of the following are included in the ingredients:  parabens, toluene, polyethylene glycol, nitrosamines, mineral oil, dioxane, DEA, alcohols, or fragrance. If  so, making that purchase may be a bad idea. I can recommend very good product line for all skin types. It is Cindy Crawford’s anti-aging Meaningful Beauty. It contains serum, cleanser and some creams for with SPF for your face and neck area. These products have amazing list of ingredients and are based on natural antioxidant derived from melon. This is promising for people with sensitive skin and wrinkles.

In addition, keep a steady supply of sun screen lotions or creams that do not contain any fragrance and other potential allergens. Use mild soap such as Castille when washing your face and use products that contain essential oils such as lavender, chamomile, rose, neroli and sandalwood.  Organic products more often include some essential oils.

With some precautionary steps, you can live a normal life without fear of getting those ugly spots from allergic reactions. Sensitive skin will always be treated differently but there are more organic products available now that don’t use ingredients that might cause you problems. So go ahead and choose personal products that help you feel good and look younger longer.

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